The experience

The service that we provide is personal. At the moment your host arrives, you will be introduced to your personal assistance. The combination of a host with excellent chauffeur skills means that you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. By using Wolf VIP Hospitality Services, you feel relaxed and be much more efficient when you actually arrive at any place at any time.

The following tasks fall under the personal assistment skills of our hosts:

  • Tour Management
  • Fleet management
  • Retrieval and pick-up of (classified) documents
  • Ordering plane. theatre, musical and concert tickets
  • Making reservations at restaurants and hotels
  • Support services at events
  • transport and guidance of foreign guests
  • Administrative duties

The Host

We can assure you that we only allow the finest, most-complete hosts to represent us.

All of our hosts have successfully completed specialised driving courses, and each have CCV certification. This training course strongly emphasises a high degree of professionalism of the host.

We have then supplemented this with some additional standards of our own. They will always be wearing a suit but if you prefer, they will be present wearing casual-smart.

They will always be present 15 minutes before the service start and they will also always wait an additional 15 minutes before leaving a location. Discretion is part of their nature, and they all sign confidentiality agreements. They have all completed First Aid and AED courses successfully. This can prove vital when it comes to emergencies. Our hosts know how to respond when others panic.

Our communication

We try to communicate as transparently as possible. Once you have made a reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. At the moment we start processing your reservation, we will look for the best host for you and provide you with his/her name and telephone number.

Depending on the service you request, it is possible that we contact you by telephone.

At the moment that you make a last-minute reservation, we guarantee that a host will be on location within 3 hours. We are active throughout the Netherlands and beyond. Including Belgium and Germany.

When you choose to have a host for your private situation or for an event, you will experience a level of service which you can rely for many years to come.