Just imagine it:

A stylish and comfortable Mercedes (E, S or V class) drives up, perfectly polished and precisely punctual. Your exquisitely dressed host will greet you courteously, help you with your luggage and hold the door open with a smile.

You get in and sink into the comfortable leather of the back seat, with cool water and fresh mints within arm’s reach. The air conditioning can be set exactly how you want it.

While your host takes you safely, smoothly and comfortably to your destination, you can easily use the Wi-Fi connection. You can deal with urgent issues by phone or on your tablet or laptop. In the meantime, you don't need to worry about busy traffic, the route or finding a parking space.

If you fancy a coffee, tea, or a tasty lunch, just let your host know. While you work quietly or read a newspaper, we will make sure that you have everything you need.

Welcome to Wolf VIP Hospitality Services.

Everything to make you comfortable

Our hosts have all taken appropriate driver training and are familiar with all the requirements and procedures that you would expect as our VIP. And more.

If desired, we will collect your contacts from the airport, introduce them to the highlights of Dutch culture or take them safely to their hotel after your event.

That’s why you choose Wolf VIP Hospitality Services

We arrange spacious Mercedes E, S and V class vehicles that are fitted with privacy glass and every conceivable luxury. If you’d prefer to be driven in your own car, that can be arranged too, of course.

The devil is in the details

Unsurpassed service

Attention to detail and exceeding your expectations is in our DNA. If it genuinely has to be the best, choose Wolf VIP Hospitality Services.

If you need any other kind of hospitality solution, just let us know. Wolf VIP Hospitality Services will be happy to go that extra mile.